Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tropicana Housewife Pillow

I've been pedaling again..on my sewing machine that is. And I am one happy weekend housewife when my first housewife pillow started to materialize. It was so fast and easy to make. The one thing that I need to be able to do better is on how to cut really long fabric using my scissors. I tried to fold the fabric multiple times, making sure all edges come nicely together, then cut them on one go. That seems to work, but it wasnt that precise..I got to google and see how people cut long fabrics by hand.

So, here is my first housewife pillow. I'm gonna sleep on it tonight!

The last time I bought pillowcases was when my husband's relatives visited us in Penang. We had to purchase extra pillows and pillowcases, though I feel the pillowcases were quite overpriced for their quality. I have to say making your own pillowcase is so worth it considering how much you could save and the satisfaction you got seeing the fruit of your labor is really priceless.

I bought this pretty tropical flower and leaves from nearby Bukit Jambul Kamdar for a quit low price. The total length is 5 metres for RM12.50. I could make some more later!

Have a nice weekend everyone!