Sunday, April 5, 2009

Perfect week!

This has been a great week. There were so many exciting things that just lifted my spirit. Some were planned; but others came a bit of a pleasant surprise.

My husband & I had put away some time after work and took a long walk. We felt blessed to live on a hill top condo , even though we are just renting ..we could enjoy scenic view of the hill dwellers and could see as far as Jerjak island, Penang bridge & beyond. This was one of the reasons why we chose to stay here. But still, we do hope we could afford a landed property some day. Walking along the lush trees, listening to the chirping birds, watching the sun setting down, getting inspired mixed with little envy on those riches' mansions and shed some healthy sweats. I felt rejuvenated. We ascended the hill and walked along the roadside until we reached the town at the bottom, then make our way back up taking a different route.

As much as I tried to get a project done within few days, I have to say sometimes there is just so little time. Nevertheless, I'm happy that my pink posh project is beginning to take shape. I'm sure you can guess the end result.

On one of my busiest & longest day, I came home to find my husband smiling & excited over what he had found in the mail box. He knew it would wash away my tiredness and my eyes would glitter with excitement. I've been waiting for this one..

Meet my fav magazine - Better Homes & Garden (Budget under $100)

I don't mean to talk about work here. But, I just have to say this. The assignment that I have been banging my head over for the past month is now successfully completed. My boss was happy & give me one of his rare compliment. I'm glad.

My current Epal project is looking good too.

Another major thing that I'm excited about is about my new hobby - gardening! I really don't have much space for real landed gardening. So, for high-rise dwellers like me, we have to settle for potted plants. Hubby & I did splurge a bit because we just loved all those pretty budding flowers.

Flowers make me smile every time..