Friday, February 6, 2009

My first lady tote bag

My first lady tote bag :)

I realized that haven't really posted any of my finished handwork so far..partly because I am still in trial and error mode where I mostly practiced on cheap scrap cloths & they aren't really nice to look at :P

Here's the mock's unfinished and crooked but necessary if you want to just give it a try & don't want to ruin your nice fabrics.

It's a out of proportion because I was trying something..and the only measurement instrument I currently have is an 18" ruler. I wanted to get that rotary cutter set, but I want to shop around first since it costs RM248 - too costly for me.

Measuring to get the perfect square/rectangle was a hard work..

So, I'm quite pleased that I have completed this lady tote bag. It was really fun to learn the little do & don'ts that were discovered when I made several mock ones.

It can fit my craft supplies of my upcoming Valentine's project. I'm going back to Kelantan this weekend, so I hope to learn to make beautiful flower embroidery from Di's grandma. She has a deep love for embroidery & sewing too. Lucky me!

Okay, gotta go now..we are leaving in 5 minutes!