Saturday, February 27, 2010

Penang escapade & fabric hunting - part 1

Today had been a full but fun day for me. Hubby & I started the day with burnt roti canai for breakfast at an annoyingly slow-serviced mamak restaurant at Relau. But we were optimistic about the rest of the day. We had a mission today that we soon learned had to be aborted. Nevertheless, it quickly turned into a day of cruising around and just watching life around us.

My husband had been planning to enjoy one last train ride at Bukit Bendera before they close up the place for upgrades. Unfortunately, when we got there we learn that the place is now closed for the whole year. Still, we planned to conquer the hill on foot next time - may be make it a day out with friends. Before that can happen, we need to work those muscles first because it's going to be at least an hour of walking & hiking.

We ended up cruising aimlessly around in Air Itam, Georgetown and Telok was just fun to see life that goes on around us.

Do you still remember the tsunami that hit Penang in 2006? This is what's left of it - one ghostly-looking hotel.

I also get to spend a bit of time fabric-hunting and window shopping. I think this is already a long post, so I'm gonna put it in a different post.