Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fab Fabrics in Paris van Java!

As the Chinese New Year holiday concluded, I decided that I shouldn't delay any much longer to share with you my recent exciting trip to Bandung, the so-called Paris van Java. As have been experienced by many before me, I got my mind and heart racing with excitement as we walked into the many factory outlets and shops. Bandung is a textile heaven, especially for those who are on budget watch. Of course you could also find high-end merchandises, but it has so much to offer for anyone with any kind of budget.

A lot of factory outlets, shops and eateries sprawl along Jalan Dago, which was jam packed with out-of-towners and tourists like us. Among the factory outlets that I can remember was Rumah Mode, Episodes and many others that I can't seem to recall. The interior of the outlets are modern and exquisitely decorated to lure the eager and inquisitive shoppers. Some has its own cafe and eateries for the convenience of the customers and offered brand items like Hugo Boss, Guess, Esprit etc. Other than this street, Jalan Riau and Jeans Street are among the streets that you can explore.

But I think roaming around Pasar Baru is much more fun because you can put your bargaining skills to the test! If you are lucky and skill enough in bargaining, you could get a really nice and quality stuffs for a cheaper price.

Some of the things I brought home..

Some batik clothes..

My personal favorite..a nice kebaya for my sis :)

Other stuffs that caught my attention..

I hope to go there again, back to my sewing!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thank you Sew Cute!

It was an exceptionally nerve-racking day at work today. Not one that you would like to encounter often. But, as I step towards the front door of my home, my eyes glitter to look at what was lying on the floor. Immediately, the tiredness subside & my heart was filled with excitement.

It's a parcel for me! :)

I wasn't the only one who was excited to see what's inside ;p

Tadaaa...!! It was a package of sewing materials(i.e fabrics, handles, buttons etc) together with sewing instruction on how to make Sew Simple tote bag, make-up pouch & ladies pouch. Such a generous gift from Sew Cute. Check out her blog, you'd be amazed at the cute things that she has made. I'm soOo happy! Thanks a bunch, Zura! I will start working on them immediately after I come back from Bandung this weekend ;D

Monday, January 19, 2009

Edging Finish : Mata Lalat, Tulang Belut, Karipap & Pucuk Rebung

Last weekend I went to Epal center & spent a good 2 hours to learn some new techniques using different pattern dials & stitch widths. I don't know if they have a name in English but they are Mata Lalat, Tulang Belut, Karipap & Pucuk Rebung. These techniques are normally used in traditional Malay attire like Baju Kurung & Baju Melayu. Tulang Belut is especially challenging because you just need to ensure the machine pinch just a little bit on the edge of the cloth. I have a new found respect for those tailors who can make really good Tulang Belut on Baju Melayu.

Also, I got the stuffs I need for my January project. I'll be making a multi-purpose basket for my dear husband who seems to have so many small stuffs (keys, coins, pen drive, badges etc.) that he tends to put away on top of any empty surfaces around the house ;p. Thanks for supporting my course honey! eheehee...Now, I need find out where I can get a reasonably priced rotary cutter set..any suggestion?

My white cozy cottage dream

After spending 4 years studying in the US, I've developed a keen interest in cottage-like, clutter-cozy & white-english-style interior for my private den. I know I know..those things are super expensive here in Malaysia( at least for people like me)..but, no harm in dreaming about it eh? Just look at this gorgeous bedroom set. Deliciousss..oh, and you can actually get them from Gudang Perabot Seri Yamax in Cheras, KL. Full bedroom set costs over RM5000++(price not confirmed), but hey, if it's in your budget - i'd say it's a worthy buy & of course, will envy you ;p . But then of course, it's wayyy out of mine :(..just that there's the dream..

Inspired thru people

I have been blog-hopping again - on craft & art world of course. And this time, I felt something is changing within me.. I am inspired by these people. They're not big giant corporate figures, but rather normal people who struggles thru real life issues, like you and me.

I'm amazed by Amy Butler who actually went back to revisit her past - remembering her little passport-sized bags that she used to make so passionately years ago..she wanted to revive the fire in her when she made those cute lil bags & worked hard to sell it..she just went for it ,pursue her dreams & now she is an established fabric pattern designer. She also shared the love by giving back to her community & women shelter. I am awe inspired! Here is her full story.

Joel Dewberry, a fantastic designer & craftsman, building his childhood dream. He owns an online store that sells fabulous textiles & fabrics..I'm loving them! Read his story here.

Last but not least is Anna Maria Horner, a mother of five who not only set to pursue her art & craft dreams, but also to raise a big family with her loving husband. Her abilities comes in every form of craftsmanship & artwork - from sewing, design, painting, photography that helps to increase her artistic growth. Now, that's what I called a real life!

What moved me is that, to me, these are people with bravery. They are brave enough to find that little voice within them & follow their passion. To honestly look inside themselves, find their true passion & went all the way to achieve it - thru good or bad. They believe in themselves & that they CAN achieve it - that is a highly courageous act.

-Anna Maria Horner collection -

Better Homes & Garden

Did I tell you that I am in love with Better Homes & Garden ? I enjoy visiting the website & I did that every little chance that I have when I go net-surfing. There are tons of tips & projects(big or small) you can find -home deco, crafts, gardens, health & others.

I have some amount of cash-turn-to-gift-vouchers that I received from my company. Since I can choose which store I'd like to redeem the vouchers from, I chose MPH Bookstore (well, that's the only bookstore from the available store listing)..So, last weekend I set out to MPH..

And look at what I've found.. :) For just RM9.90 I can keep my own BHG magazine with loads of stuffs that I really really like..well, you will think the price is reasonable if you compare it with other magazines along that line..

I also almost bought a sewing book but canceled at the last minute..since the book looked a bit worn out & quite an old copy, they don't have a new one in store..hubby suggested for me to find a better one. So, I still got some leftovers from the cash-voucher..

I wish one day I will have my own better home WITH a garden..*sigh..for now, we are still renting..Penang property is so expensive that even KL couldn't match up.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pumpkin Pin Cushion

I remember a little while ago, I received a small project gift from Sew Cute that I haven't really worked on. So, I thought why not start with this one - a small pumpkin pin cushion.

Stuffing into the pumpkin..

Finished might look more like a CNY orange. Well, I think it doesn't look too bad for a first-timer like myself :p

I have been real busy last week, so I hope I could start my January project this weekend..yosh!