Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

It's a good feeling to leave 2008 with a lot of fond memories. Thank you for all who have given me encouragement to pursue sewing- the cool crafty art of putting fabrics together & it's solely yours however you like it to be. As I inquisitively begin embarking on this new but exciting journey, I was surprised to discover that not only I was building sewing & crafty skills, but also cultivating good values. A passionate sewer is one who is meticulous, calculative, have a good sense of style, with great passion, patience, perseverance and sharp eyes for the things that are intricately & carefully put together. And in my case, I have to add good time management to the list since I'm also a wife & a career woman.

So, I would like to greet January 2009 with an exciting new project! It would be my first hands-on project, so, let's see how that one goes..As one quote says ,

"Great ability develops and reveals itself increasingly with every new assignment."
-unknown source.

Happy New Year & Happy holidays to all! May you find a new year's resolution that resonates with who you are from within ;)

Monday, December 22, 2008 that how you do it?

Among the first things you do when you started learning any kind of machines is to learn the parts & how to handle them..So, last weekend I had a chance to spend some good hours learning & actually doing some sewing at Penang Epal Center. Turns out they make a pretty good business with many women ranging from homemaker to professionals coming down to enjoy sewing together. It's a good place to widen your social networks too.. ;)

I learned:
1. Basic machine parts & the things it needs: machine needles( single & twin), threads, types of fabrics, bobbin, bobbin case, pedals, pattern knobs etc.

2. Learn how to's:
- How to insert needle into the needle holder( for single & twin needles)
- How to do threading ( I mean actual physical threading..I'm starting to remember multi-threading from work which is a totally different beast..)
- How to fill-up bobbin thread & insert it into bobbin case
- How to insert & change the presser foot
- How to use pattern switch, stretch & width knobs

3. Sewing techniques:
- How to sew straight line using the presser foot as guide
- How to sew cubicle line
- How to sew circular line
- How to control machine & fabric movement
- How to make those pretty fashionable patterns that you would see on baju kurung, blouse & pants

Feels so good that I got this moving...but I still need to work on my sewing techniques & machine control..Next, I need to decide which project I am going take on. Dec projects are so's wall hanging calendar & another one is tumbler & food container cover..may be I'll pass the Dec project & focus on basic sewing first. Looking forward to more sewing tonight!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's finally here!

I am so excited! I finally brought home my brand new sewing machine ;) I've been postponing the plan to pick it up for more than a month because of other personal obligations. But, few days ago, on our way back to Kelantan for Aildiladha, hubby & I make a detour to Butterworth to pickup my new Janome 2049 from Penang branch Epal Center. With what little time that we could afford to lose (since we were in the middle of 5-hour journey), the kind Sabahan lady at Epal Center taught me a thing or two about the basic functionalities of the machines. Too bad next week she won't be around because she is resigning & planning to go back to Sabah.

Though we were on Hari Raya Haji mood, hubby & I didn't waste any minute to lay our hands on this baby the next day..and the outcome is wordly! Glad hubby had some fun and apparently it caught my in-laws & extended families attention too..My mind started drafting some plans for my very own first sewing, stay tune as I walk on the journey to master (hopefully!) sewing techniques! :)

Here it is..I'm definitely going to be occupied this weekend ;)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Welcome to SeamsLovely!

I dedicate this blog to my new exciting hobby - sewing! My major interest is in home decor & artwork. I will be sharing out some of the experiences, tips & tricks about sewing or anything gotta do with it. I also hope that by having this blog I could keep my commitment to sewing as high as possible. I will be acquiring a new sewing machine soon along with sewing courses for beginner for one whole year. So, good luck to me! Good luck to Seams Lovely! ;)