Sunday, February 28, 2010

Penang escapade & fabric hunting - part 2

As I said in my previous post, I had a little chance to do a bit of fabric-hunting. As I move aisles after aisles hoping to see something that resembles a bit of shabby chic pattern..I was not dissappointed!

I also took some photos of some curtain designs. May be one day I could make one myself :)

Which one is your personal favorite? I like most of them!

Some accessories to go along with the curtains...

In the end, I bought some shabby chic English cottons. I haven't had any idea what my next project will be. So, we'll see..Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks! :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Penang escapade & fabric hunting - part 1

Today had been a full but fun day for me. Hubby & I started the day with burnt roti canai for breakfast at an annoyingly slow-serviced mamak restaurant at Relau. But we were optimistic about the rest of the day. We had a mission today that we soon learned had to be aborted. Nevertheless, it quickly turned into a day of cruising around and just watching life around us.

My husband had been planning to enjoy one last train ride at Bukit Bendera before they close up the place for upgrades. Unfortunately, when we got there we learn that the place is now closed for the whole year. Still, we planned to conquer the hill on foot next time - may be make it a day out with friends. Before that can happen, we need to work those muscles first because it's going to be at least an hour of walking & hiking.

We ended up cruising aimlessly around in Air Itam, Georgetown and Telok was just fun to see life that goes on around us.

Do you still remember the tsunami that hit Penang in 2006? This is what's left of it - one ghostly-looking hotel.

I also get to spend a bit of time fabric-hunting and window shopping. I think this is already a long post, so I'm gonna put it in a different post.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Simple Blue Tote

I'm so happy today. I've completed another project - a simple blue tote. Looks like I'm steadily getting better at keeping my pace in completing projects. For the past 2 weeks I've completed 2 projects which is a good thing.

This is the pattern that chose for this project.

I'm quite pleased with the end result. I'm planning to enjoy my first tote at the Penang flea market that we are planning to go this Sunday. It is an event that is being held every last Sunday of each month. I've never been there so I don't have any expectation.

Any day spent sewing is a day well-spent :) Okay, I'm going out now. We've been waiting for the weather to get a little cooler this afternoon before going out for some fresh air, and perhaps do a little exercising ;p.

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tied cushion pillow

I've been wanting to update my earlier project where I created this cute little tied cushion cover, but thought the pillow was too small and wasn't fluffy -the pillow was old. I wanted to get a bigger pillow. But that day never comes. I think the little pillow is cute too. So, here is my cushion with ties.

I made the ties to be about 3 inches long. It doesn't have any zipper or buttons, so the inside flap and the ties should be good enough to hold the pillow in place.

It's been unusually hot these days in Penang even at night. I sure hope it would rain soon. But, the bougainvillas are at their best in this kind of weather. You just can't help but notice their amazingly bright colors blooming lavishly underneath the scorching sunshine. So, there is always something to be thankful for ;)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tropicana Housewife Pillow

I've been pedaling again..on my sewing machine that is. And I am one happy weekend housewife when my first housewife pillow started to materialize. It was so fast and easy to make. The one thing that I need to be able to do better is on how to cut really long fabric using my scissors. I tried to fold the fabric multiple times, making sure all edges come nicely together, then cut them on one go. That seems to work, but it wasnt that precise..I got to google and see how people cut long fabrics by hand.

So, here is my first housewife pillow. I'm gonna sleep on it tonight!

The last time I bought pillowcases was when my husband's relatives visited us in Penang. We had to purchase extra pillows and pillowcases, though I feel the pillowcases were quite overpriced for their quality. I have to say making your own pillowcase is so worth it considering how much you could save and the satisfaction you got seeing the fruit of your labor is really priceless.

I bought this pretty tropical flower and leaves from nearby Bukit Jambul Kamdar for a quit low price. The total length is 5 metres for RM12.50. I could make some more later!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Red Mitered Corner Cushion

I'm so excited! Lately I was able to spend more time for myself - and I decided to do some simple sewing projects. I am grateful that my hands are a lot less painful now. I just need to minimize time spent on prolong typing activity. I'd love to share with you my red mitered cushion that I just completed.

I just love these little round flower patterns..since this is my first project for mitered corner, I decided not to use too much of this that I have more confidence with my sewing techniques, may be I'll use it more on later projects! I just hate to make too much mistakes on such pretty fabric..

And it's so happen that red is the lucky color for Chinese New Year! Have a great holiday everyone!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Hello there! Wow, it has been months since I last updated this blog. I missed it and i missed sewing so much. I would say that the past half year has been a time of reflecting, discovery, and recuperating. As some people might know, I have been having nerve disorder condition on my hands that pretty much sums up why I didn't blog or sew for the longest time. Folks at the Epal center might have thought I have quit sewing since I didn't show up since I had been having this problem.

Anyway, I am grateful that I'm back on my feet now. I hope 2010 would bring so much joy and I intend to continue to do what I love to do - making beautiful creations! My resolution for this year? Simple. I want to be more grateful, healthier and happier!

Last week I made a tie pillow and I plan to make more. I'll update the photos later.

I found a quote that struck a chord and somehow giving me comfort :
"You need to have a vision and long-term goal. Be persistent and do not give up because of temporary setbacks. Some once said "One of the differences between highly successful people and others is that they have more failures". Keep in mind that learning and development often happens when you are uncomfortable and unsure about your ability. You can't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, because that's when a lot of learning happens." - from someone at work..